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The CargoMatic transport system is the ultimate loading and unloading system (dock to trailer) for packaged/palletised products (not bulk products; see the Cargo Floor transport system for information on this) and extremely suitable for shuttle traffic/transport over short distances. A semitrailer with a length of 13,600 mm with a CargoMatic system can be loaded or unloaded within 90 seconds.

The CargoMatic transport system has a fully flat loading and unloading floor that operates as a conveyor belt. A semitrailer with a CargoMatic system can be loaded and unloaded very fast and simply; loading and unloading using a forklift truck is also a lot more efficient. The load is moved forwards and backwards completely automatically by the CargoMatic transport system and the forklift truck therefore does not have to be driven into the semitrailer anymore.


 CargoMatic laad en lossysteem CargoMatic laad en lossysteem

The mobile CargoMatic loading and unloading system has been especially developed for integration in all types of semitrailers. The CargoMatic ‘DIY kit’ can be easily installed in both new and existing semitrailers including in refrigerated and sliding canvas semitrailers. These mobile CargoMatic systems can be easily coupled to all types of stationary systems (roller conveyor belts, chain systems, etc.).


CargoMatic laden lossen systeem CargoMatic laden lossen systeem

The process can be fully automatic without the intervention of people or machines in relation to the loading or unloading on to a stationary CargoMatic transport system in a factory or distribution centre. An already prepared load will be conveyed into the semitrailer within 90 seconds. You can shuttle very efficiently between different locations by deploying stationary CargoMatic systems in combination with a mobile CargoMatic system. The ultimate ‘dock to trailer’ solution!


The system is also very quiet when operational. This silent operation of the system is achieved by using an electric traction motor in combination with plastic components and a high-quality alloy. The CargoMatic loading and unloading system therefore meets the strictest noise standard of <60 dB so that you can load and unload legally 24 hours a day (complies with the Dutch governmental decree for the retail sector and traditional crafts). 


The following companies now use the CargoMatic loading and unloading system to their complete satisfaction.


Areas of application

  • The glass industry
  • The packaging industry
  • The paper industry: corrugated cardboard and paper rolls
  • The beverage industry: crates, dollies and displays
  • The food industry: cooled and frozen products up to -30 °C
  • The automotive industry: parts, steel crates and bodies
  • Big-bag transport
  • The furniture industry
  • The chemical industry
  • The animal feed industry
  • Construction material transport
  • Electronic and domestic appliance transport

Occupational health and safety friendly 

  • Fully autonomous without personnel being required at the product
  • Can be operated remotely
  • No physical human actions required
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long service life

Fast return on investment

  • Low personnel costs
  • No waiting times
  • Fewer loading/unloading docks
  • Lower fleet costs
  • Fewer physical actions
  • Reduction of buffer stocks
  • No damage to products and equipment
  • Full loading area (no loss of space)
  • Low use costs (low maintenance)


Slat floor

CargoMatic transport system

Do you transport products with different dimensions? The CargoMatic system with a slatted floor is then the ultimate loading/unloading transport system for you. Slats have been installed between the chains, which creates a closed flat loading/unloading floor. This robust loading/unloading floor will ensure that you can be extremely flexible and multifunctional when automatically loading and unloading any cargo that is offered including pallets, roller containers, crates, paper rolls, corrugated sheets, etc.

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CargoMatic ketting transport vloer

Do you always transport pallets with the same sizes? The CargoMatic system with a chain floor is the transport system for you. This system consists of chains in frames that support the blocks of the pallet. This structure is robust, however, it is also extremely light and very easy to assemble.

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The slat and chain floor are compatible with each other and can therefore also be used in combination with each other.