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Do you transport packaged/palletised products with different dimensions? The CargoMatic loading and unloading system with a slat floor is then the transport system for you.


The loading and unloading floor of the semitrailer and/or dock operates based on the conveyor belt principle. The floor is distributed into four coupled conveyor belts that are in parallel to each other. Each belt has a heavy duty conveyor chain on the left and right with slats in-between. The slats ensure there is a fully flat and robust loading and unloading floor. This will mean that you are extremely flexible in the transport of any random load or form including pallets, roller containers, crates, paper rolls, corrugated sheets, etc.

The conveyor chains run over high-quality solid plastic bearings where the chain's roller rolls over the bearing. This produces a very low friction resistance and prevents the wear of the chain and bearing. Unique patented protection caps are installed to ensure the load does not come into contact with the chains and chain grease. These caps prevent damage to the chains and they cannot become dirty.


CargoMatic transport systeem

In a trailer

A double triplex drive chain is in charge of the drive transmission through the headboard of the trailer to the conveyor chains. The compact drive is installed on the outside of the headboard, fits under a refrigerating device and falls within the front radius. This means that the full semitrailer length continues to be available for the load. The CargoMatic transport system in the semitrailer has a height of 140 mm. A maximum cargo volume is realised with this.

In a factory or warehouse/DC

The highest logistics efficiency is, naturally, achieved by combining the mobile CargoMatic system with stationary loading/unloading docks. To ensure that products run seamlessly from the dock to the trailer (and vice versa), rollers are installed between the semitrailer and dock. The stationary CargoMatic system can be installed in different ways: in and on a concrete floor or on a (mobile) frame: the ultimate dock to trailer system.

CM overrijdbaar

Driven electrically

The CargoMatic system is electrically driven and can easily convey 35 tonnes with a low energy consumption. 


Every CargoMatic system is equipped with a Siemens PLC as standard (other manufacturers' equipment may be supplied as an option). Personal and/or product-specific settings can be freely programmed on the menu driven display of the PLC. This means that customer-specific control preferences can be easily achieved.